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Struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction is tough but sometimes finding the right help can be even more challenging. You end up having to call many treatment facilities and drug rehabs in order to find one that you meet the criteria to enroll into. That is why Right Path Drug Rehab in Corpus Christi, TX is here for you. We are here to make the entire process of finding help for an addiction simpler with our network of treatment providers. We identify and connect you to the best addiction treatment program available, allowing you to simply focus on getting healthier.

What sets Right Path Drug Rehab in Corpus Christi apart is our ability to customize an addiction treatment program to you and your needs. We realize that everyone suffers through a drug and alcohol addiction differently. Therefore, we strive to connect clients into drug rehabs that have a limited amount of clients. A small client population ensures that you are getting the needed help and support from professionals that can help you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction once and for all. Also, the length of addiction treatment will vary from client to client too. On average, our clients may complete programs that last for one, two, or three months, depending on the severity of their situation upon entering treatment. With Right Path’s treatment provider network, we want to ensure that you are going to get all the help you need to put an end to your substance abuse problem.

Right Path is passionate about helping everyone be able to achieve their ultimate goal of a drug-free life. As a result, we connect clients into drug and alcohol recovery programs that focus on improving the physical and mental well-being of a client after a substance abuse problem. Too often do we see drug rehabs focus solely on the physical effects of an addiction and neglect the underlying emotional damage present as well. Therapy sessions in conjunction with medically administered and monitored drug detoxification is provided from all addiction treatment centers under Right Path’s treatment provider network. Right Path hopes that with therapy, clients will gain a stronger mindset that will help them overcome their dependency to drugs and alcohol and be free.

To ensure that you will be successful in living drug-free, you will also complete relapse prevention with your addiction treatment. Relapse prevention equips you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to remain sober for the rest of your life. We hope that you will be able to live without drugs for the rest of your life, not just under the supervision of professionals at a treatment facility.

You no longer have to suffer through a drug and alcohol addiction anymore. Give Right Path Drug Rehab in Corpus Christi, TX a call today. You absolutely deserve to live free of a dependency to drugs and alcohol. We are confident that with our treatment provider network, you will be receiving the help you deserve.

921 N Chaparral Street
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